CONFIRMED: New Photo Reveals That ALIEN: COVENANT Will Contain Hallways

Can we just see the trailer already?

Because it's been ten minutes since a new photo from Alien: Covenant was released, 20th Century Fox has released yet another still from the film, via the film's official Facebook page. It is a photo of a hallway, accompanied by the caption "185612082104".

You've already seen said photo, featured as the header image at the top of this page, but let's take another look.

Yes, Alien: Covenant will maintain the Alien franchise's storied tradition of containing hallways. Sometimes, as in Alien, people walk up hallways while talking to one another, or evading death at the hands of a terrifying Xenomorph. Other times, as in Alien 3, hallways are used against the Xenomorph and are viewed from a delightful upside-down perspective. Surely all of you will recall with fondness the many, many types of hallways that factored into James Cameron's Aliens, one of which was partially underwater. That was a good hallway.

Anyway, still no Alien: Covenant trailer. We'll let you know as soon as it arrives. Let's hope it's soon.