Let Wes Anderson Himself Tell You Who Will Be In ISLE OF DOGS

With a little help from Edward Norton.

We already knew Wes Anderson had another animated movie up his sleeve called Isle of Dogs. That’s certainly enough to get some people excited, particularly Fantastic Mr. Fox fans. But now we have a super promising cast list delivered via Wes Anderson himself AND a delightful clip from the film!

As you can see, the film will be stacked with regular Wes Anderson players (like Bill Murray) and people we’re shocked haven’t been regular Wes Anderson players all along (like Yoko Ono). On top of that, the half second we get to see of the film looks cool. Unless you hate dogs, in which case I’m just going to pretend I’m listening when you say things and not make eye contact like I do with family members who voted Trump.

Anderson (with a little help from apparent housemate Edward Norton) also informs viewers of the work being done by The Film Foundation and how you can donate to it and maybe even voice a dog in the movie! This clip does everything!