The First Trailer For THE LOST CITY OF Z Promises Adventure

Peter Parker, Edward Cullen and Rahwee Bucket go exploring.

James Gray’s The Lost City of Z (get used to saying “zed,” America!) received a wild, extended standing ovation at its New York Film Festival premiere in October, and rightly so. It’s a sublime cinematic experience, and it finally has a trailer:

It's short, but it manages to capture the mood of the film nicely. The Lost City of Z is based on David Gann’s book of the same name, which retraces the steps of Percy Fawcett, the early 20th century British explorer who kept returning to the Amazon to find a missing link in written history. Gray smartly excises Gann’s South American excursion, focusing entirely on Fawcett’s many ill-fated explorations in what might be one of the most absorbing, most enveloping and most dreamlike films in recent memory, exploring the very root of adventure itself. 

I realize the cast may seem like a detraction for some, but I’m certain this’ll finally turn people around on Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam. I don’t want to give anything away this far in advance, but the way the film navigates its inevitable real-life conclusion is… surprising. I suspect we’ll still be talking about it this time next year.

The film will have a limited release beginning April 14th 2017 (make a Fate of the Fawcetts and Fate of the Furious double feature out of it if you live in New York or LA), followed by a wider expansions on April 21st. You can read my review in the meantime. Short version: it’s gorgeous in every way.