Twentieth Century Fox Cannot Stop Releasing ALIEN: COVENANT Photos

This is still not the trailer for ALIEN: COVENANT.

All week long, the Alien Anthology Twitter feed has been dropping new Alien: Covenant photos on us (presumably in anticipation of the soon-to-be-released Alien: Covenant trailer), and all week long we've played their game. Well, not anymore, Twentieth Century Fox!

We are definitely not going to run the photo below, which features Michael Fassbender's mischievous android David playing a piano without shoes on. We're tired of getting jerked around, and we have more self respect than that.

So go on, Fox. Keep on releasing your Alien: Covenant stills and withholding that trailer from us. Just watch what happens. If you think we're gonna fall for this a sixth day in a row, you are sorely mistaken.

Stay tuned for the Alien: Covenant trailer, which should be along any time now, as well as maybe a new Alien: Covenant photo or two.