ALIEN: COVENANT Finally Delivers Its Trailer

And it’s slightly more exciting than a handful of photos!

Well, after all this waiting, it is finally here:

That is the Alien: Covenant trailer. It makes a few things very clear. One, this film will have at least one old school alien in it. And two, Billy Crudup is not surviving this movie.

Other than that, who knows? It definitely looks way different than Prometheus. Michael Fassbender is still Fassbendering it up, but I’m not sure that’s even the same David from the first prequel. There might be Davids all over the place.

One thing I do like - Danny McBride is all over this trailer, and based solely on my wishful thinking, I get the feeling he might make it through the whole film. Or at least until near the end. He has that survivor look to him.

But above all else, I want to commemorate this moment. Scott Wampler will no longer have to write up Alien: Covenant stills one at a time now that this trailer is out. His watch is ended. He also won’t get that reference. Happy Holidays!