ALIEN: COVENANT Stills Will Continue To Drop Until Morale Improves

Things are getting ugly for crew members on the good ship Covenant.

Over the weekend, Twentieth Century Fox finally released the first trailer for Alien: Covenant. We looked upon it, saw that it was good, and then picked it apart in one of those obsessive frame-by-frame posts that are all the rage these days. 

All things considered, we think that Alien: Covenant looks pretty cool, but if you thought the arrival of that trailer meant that the onslaught of Alien: Covenant stills had come to an end, you were sorely mistaken. 

Here's three new ones, via The Playlist.

Here we have Katherine Waterston and an unidenfitied Covenant crew member facing down ... well, we're not sure. Most likely they're being menaced by one of Alien: Covenant's grotesque new alien lifeforms (reminder: Alien: Covenant will feature more than one type of Alien), but could also be that they're being menaced by actor Danny McBride. 

And here we have director Ridley Scott directing a Covenant crew member played by Jussie Smollett (Empire). All the interior stuff we're seeing in these photos is very much of a piece with the set design on Prometheus, while all the exterior stuff - which features a lot of tall grass, looming trees, and natural rock formations - seems to be bringing a new visual flavor to the Alien franchise. We're into it.

And, finally, we've got this shot, wherein Amy Seimetz (on the left) and Carmen Ejogo (over there on the right) tend to a Covenant crew member who's got about, oh, less than a minute to live. This dude's body's been taken over by one of Alien: Covenant's new breed of Xenomorphs (the Playlist has a footage report that calls them Neomorphs), and it's not gonna end well for him.

And that about does it. Please stay tuned for another batch of Alien: Covenant stills, which will probably be along any moment now. 

Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th, as if you didn't already know that.