Michael Fassbender Doesn’t Know If He’ll Do Another X-MEN Movie

The quote is literally "I don't know, to be honest".

In a new interview with the Empire Film Podcast, Michael Fassbender says he has no idea if his Magneto will be returning to Fox's long-running X-Men franchise. 

Here's the exact quote:

"I don’t know to be honest. I haven’t made any sort of decision on it because I have no idea what’s happening next with the franchise to be honest.”

Two things we can safely say in response to this quote: one, Michael Fassbender loves being honest, and two, the future of the X-Men franchise is currently in a state of flux (or, at the very least, it appears to be in a state of flux to anyone at Michael Fassbender's pay-grade).

We know that Josh Boone's prepping X-Men: The New Mutants, but after that? Anyone's guess. Logan represents Hugh Jackman's last at-bat as Wolverine and X-Men: Apocalypse didn't set anyone's world on fire, so maybe we'll see a reboot of some sort in the years ahead. Maybe The New Mutants kicks that off. Maybe Bryan Singer will come back, after all, and we'll get another wildly underwhelming X-Men movie. We don't know, Michael Fassbender doesn't know - it's possible God himself may not even know.

The only real certainty is that the X-Men will continue to be represented on film to some degree, via the good folks at Fox. Beyond that, stay tuned.