See A Few (Mostly, Kind Of Finished) Minutes Of RICK And MORTY Season Three

Uh, these curse words are not bleeped yet, so mildly NSFW.

The third season of Rick and Morty was supposed to premiere some time before the end of 2016. But, of course, 2016 couldn’t allow that to happen, so it will show up in 2017 instead.

Not all is lost, however. We at least have the three minutes of the show found below. Granted, this footage is barely animated and lacks sound effects (not to mention the inclusion of some Star Wars music that probably won’t survive a final edit). As a bonus, you get to hear three knuckleheads explain really obvious things as they happen. It's like being someone's girlfriend!

It’s only three minutes, but I still love it! Because I love pretty much all Rick and Morty. If nothing else, this tells us that season two’s aftermath (the last episode ended with Rick being put in space jail forever) won’t be that severe. Or maybe it will be. Who knows with this show?