Announcing The Winner Of The Great Debate: ROGUE ONE

Both sides fought valiantly, but only one could win.

Last week we kicked off our newest entry in The Great Debate series, with film critics Alan Cerny and Jacob Oller battling it out over the relative merits of Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you're not familiar with The Great Debate, here's the scoop:

Welcome to The Great Debate, a new feature on Birth.Movies.Death. in which two writers argue the relative merits of a particularly divisive film. We'll talk upcoming new releases and occasionally a polemical rep title or two, and we'll have guest writers who feel strongly about each film pop in to make their impassioned opinions heard. 

Jacob and Alan both passionately defended their positions, Alan in support of Rogue One and Jacob on the offensive. If you haven't read their arguments and you've seen the film (because spoilers), check it out now. It's a great read! 

We asked you guys to weigh in on our poll and in the comments, and you certainly did. We had an enormous response to this conversation, with hundreds of comments and thousands of votes. But in the end, only one side could emerge victorious, and with a margin of nearly a thousand votes, the pro-Rogue One team won the day. You have spoken: Rogue One is one with the Force, and the Force is with Rogue One.

Keep your eyes peeled for future installments of The Great Debate and suggest upcoming titles you'd like to see us debate. 

And because it doesn't feel possible to write about Star Wars this week without thinking of General Leia: farewell, Carrie Fisher. You meant so much to so many, and we were better for your words, your performances and your irrepressible spirit.