LOGAN May Feature A Cameo From Ryan Reynolds’ DEADPOOL (UPDATED)

Though it could just be a credits scene.

In news that’s both unexpected and yet somehow makes total sense, Ryan Reynolds has filmed a scene for Logan, the upcoming standalone Wolverine finale.

That seems odd, given how outside the realm of superhero movies the trailers make it look, but it may not be as disruptive as it sounds: according to The Wrap, the scene may end up being a post-credits sequence.

Either way, it seems like something that’ll give Hugh Jackman’s swan song a bit of a boost at the box office. Deadpool made more money than any of the other X-Men films, and it’ll also likely serve to remind fans that another Deadpool movie is in the works, so it’s a win-win for Fox.

UPDATE: According to Ryan Reynolds, the above rumor is untrue. Says Reynolds:

Logan hits theatres on March 3rd. You can read Meredith’s recap of the 40 minutes that screened at BNAT here.