New Hope That Luke And Leia Are Reunited In EPISODE VIII

It's looking more and more likely.

Say what you want about The Force Awakens, but I think we can all agree that Luke and Leia did not share a scene in that movie. (I’m saying this out loud because facts are questionable things these days.) We got to see Leia reunite with Han Solo, but given that Luke did not show up until literally the last shots of the film, far away from Leia, I think it’s fairly certain they didn’t meet up. If you have a problem with that statement, please make sure to bring it up below. We want to help solve these important issues.

Assuming this is true, one of Episode VIII’s potential mic drops is a reunion between brother and sister after all these years. Today, co-star Oscar Isaac put a picture on Facebook in honor of Carrie Fisher’s passing that lends hope this will happen:

There’s always the possibility that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were in wardrobe on the same day during The Force Awakens production for 3D scans or something. But more than not, this feels like evidence that they share at least one scene together in Rian Johnson’s new film.

Maybe that seems obvious to you, but after keeping Luke in the shadows throughout The Force Awakens, who knows? We spent a good amount of time imagining what a Luke-Leia reunion would look like and it never came. I think I speak for everyone when I say that is something we are all very excited to see, and I hope this picture offers some well-founded hope that it’ll happen next year. One solid, great scene between Luke and Leia in Episode VIII would mean a great deal to me and millions of other fans of Carrie Fisher and Star Wars alike. But even if this picture is all we get, that's still pretty darn good.