What We Can Do - 12/29/16

On a day of loss and acknowledging the cost

I didn't get a post up recently because of the sadness of loss. And then I didn't because I was angry. And now I'm still angry. So today, I just need to be fucking angry.

Because the way this country takes care of its veterans is beyond disgraceful. You know it. I know it. We all know it. But we can't help but concentrate on other things. But then there's the days of loss where this fact comes into sharp relief. And the heartbreak, the ugly realities of PTSD, and everything that comes from it becomes so real and present as to wrench everything. The lingering cost of war is staggering. And it takes the kindest and gentlest of people alike. Sorry, I'm so upset I can't even write clearly about this subject. But you already know everything I would say about it. Which is as horrible a signifier as any.

We all know there's a problem.

And we all need to do more.

Please donate to the V.A. Boston Health Care Crisis Services. http://www.boston.va.gov/giving/ . And here is the direct donation link. Or if you'd prefer, the local V.A. clinic in your area.

I have no other words today.