Young George Lucas Will Appear On LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

DC’s geekiest show just got geekier.

This season on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, our merry mismatched time-travellers have preserved human history by stopping the Nazis from forcing Einstein to build an Atom Bomb, and by making sure the Union didn’t lose the Civil War to a hoard of Confederate zombies. Now they’re faced with an equally important challenge, one that could decide the fate of our heroes as we know it: saving the career of George Lucas, who’s all set to appear as a film student in the ’60s when the show returns!

If that statement sounds facetious, I assure you it isn’t. In the context of Legends, the films of George Lucas have monumental importance, as I’m sure they do to a lot of us here. Without Star Wars, Ray Palmer wouldn’t have been inspired to become an engineer, and he would never have become The Atom. Without Raiders of the Lost Ark, which Lucas wrote, Nate Heywood would’ve never become a historian, nor would he have become Citizen Steel.

During the show’s winter finale, it was revealed that former Legends leader Rip Hunter was not only alive, but hiding out in Hollywood in 1967, making sci-fi movies based on his adventures! Something about his time-meddling leads to Lucas quitting film school, and the Legends are tasked with getting the young auteur back on track as Ray and Nate begin to lose their smarts. How great is that? They’re two of the most fun characters on the show (like an adorable, nerdy pair of long lost siblings), and given how much the show takes from popular culture, this almost feels like a natural extension.

Per EW, EP Mark Guggenheim believes the young Lucas story is “either going to be the episode where we’ll say that the show found a new gear in terms of how zany it can be, or it’s the episode that’s going to get us all fired.” Count me in. Legends threw off the structural shackles of its first season and flew out the gate in style (they even fought the JSA in episode 2!), and it’s been churning out nothing but fun and excitement ever since. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Lucas will be played by Grimm’s Matt Angel (yeah, I can see it) when the show returns to The CW on January 24th. That’s right, it’s been moved to Tuesdays following The Flash. My new favourite day of the week.