Matthew McConaughey Explains Why He Chose THE DARK TOWER Over GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

In which Matthew McConaughey explains why he chose Mid-World over the MCU.

In a new interview with Playboy, Lincoln aficionado Matthew McConaughey explains why he passed up the chance to play a role in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. 

Hint: it's Stephen King-related.

“I like Guardians of the Galaxy, but what I saw was ‘It’s successful, and now we’ve got room to make a colorful part for another big-name actor.’ I’d feel like an amendment. The Dark Tower script was well written, I like the director and his take on it, and I can be the creator, the author of the Man in Black — a.k.a. the Devil — in my version of this Stephen King novel.

We’ve done the first one. It’s a fantastic thriller that takes place in another realm, an alternate universe, but it’s very much grounded. For instance, the gunslinger’s weapon isn’t a lightsaber or something; it’s a pistol. I enjoyed approaching my character as if I were the Devil having a good time, getting turned on by exposing human hypocrisies wherever he finds them.”

Let's be frank - there's very little meat on this story's bones: McConaughey could've played the lead villain in a brand-new franchise, or he could've played an "unspecified villain role" in Gunn's sequel. He chose the former, presumably because it involved more screentime and (as he says himself) the ability to go wild with the character (which he may have had less wiggle room on in Guardians 2). Sounds about right.

Really I'm just here to bitch and moan about the fact that we don't have a Dark Tower trailer yet. Last any of us heard, one would arrive around Christmas, but we're now into the new year and all's quiet on the western front. We know they had a rough-cut of the trailer a few months ago, back when The Dark Tower was set to arrive in February. One wonders if they're still finalizing the effects on that footage or if they're starting over from scratch. 

Whatever the case may be, let's hope we see something soon: The Dark Tower arrives at the end of July, and Sony's gonna need to launch a compelling, clearly-defined marketing campaign for this thing if they want to put asses in seats (outside of die-hard Dark Tower nerds; we'll be there no matter what).