Birth.Movies.Exclusive.: See A Clip From THE DARK BELOW

Watch a bit of Douglas Schulze's survival thriller.

Douglas Schulze's The Dark Below arrives March 10, and we're pleased to debut an exclusive clip from the film: 

Here's a little bit more about the movie, out from Parade Deck Films:

For his fourth and most daring film, director Douglas Schulze (Mimesis, Dark Fields) brings us The Dark Below.  This tense, fear driven film utilizes minimal dialog, portrays a woman (Lauren Mae Shafer) struggling for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer (David G.B. Brown) stalks her from the surface.   

 This film is brought to life by a brilliant, bone-chilling soundtrack by multiplatinum recording artist Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill, The Beastie Boys), Robert Skates’ visually astonishing cinematography, Schulze’s strong directorial instincts and a searing performance from Veronica Cartwirght (Alien, 24: Legacy).