EXCLUSIVE: We Know Where Deckard’s Been Hiding Out In BLADE RUNNER 2049

Spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Final Warning: This post contains light spoilers for Blade Runner 2049.

Here's a fun fact we learned via multiple independent sources: in Blade Runner 2049, it will be revealed that Rick Deckard has been hiding out in what remains of Las Vegas (one source suggested that he might even be living in the Luxor Hotel, but we couldn't confirm that detail elsewhere). 

Does this mean Las Vegas is completely abandoned? That seems to be the implication. The Blade Runner 2049 trailer hinges on a sequence wherein Ryan Gosling's K wanders through a desert, approaches a building, and ultimately encounters Harrison Ford's Deckard. All this time, my assumption was that we were seeing some godforsaken stretch of Los Angeles, neglected and buried beneath the elements ... but maybe that's actually meant to be Vegas? Could be!

Here's some other questions: are we to assume that Deckard's been hiding out there ever since the events of the original Blade Runner? Can we also assume that K's primary goal is to track Deckard down? 

Look, beyond Deckard's location, this is pure speculation on our part. But speculating's fun! We invite you to play along in the comments below: what do you think Deckard's doing in Vegas? Do you think he's actually alone? And why do you think K wants to talk to him so badly?