Sylvester Stallone To Direct Adam Driver In TOUGH AS THEY COME

Hopefully Adam Driver’s sex appeal is not in his appendages.

Ever since Sylvester Stallone hit some of the highest praise of his career with Creed, it’s been interesting wondering what he would do next, particularly when the guy could always direct something instead of just focusing on acting.

According to Deadline, the directing side of that particular question has been answered. Stallone will direct Tough as They Come. It's the true story of Travis Mills, a veteran who survived a quadruple amputation due to battlefield injury, and his close relationship with his father-in-law, who stood by him when Mills returned from the hospital. Adam Driver will play Mills; Stallone will play the father-in-law.

As a director, this is somewhat uncharted territory for Stallone. I would argue that Rocky Balboa is very much a full-scale drama, but this is a full-scale drama far beyond the scope of that. Tough as They Come sounds like Stallone wants to get in on that Clint Eastwood territory. I’m very curious to see what he looks like there. I'm also a tiny bit worried about what I find.