Woody Harrelson May Teach Han Solo How To Be Han Solo

The Han Solo prequel movie casting gets better and better.

One of the golden rules of cinema is, if you want to make at least individual scenes in your movie watchable, get yourself Woody Harrelson. He elevates everything. I’m not sure how many of you saw Triple 9 last year, but aside from watching Casey Affleck pretend to know how to chew gum, Harrelson was far and away the best part. He's just great in everything.

Bud Lord and Lou Miller know this as well. They know all kinds of things. That’s why all their movies are great even when conventional wisdom automatically eyes them as awful. That’s also why they’ve apparently been eyeing Woody Harrelson as a mentor figure in this Han Solo prequel.

First off, this is the first we’re learning that Han Solo even has a mentor figure, so there’s that. But the idea that he might be played by Harrelson is super cool. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit, Christian Bale was another big name Disney wanted for the role. I like Harrelson for this sort of thing way more. Bale’s great, but not with comedy and charm. I imagine both things will have to be in play at all times for this movie.

Except for the part where Woody Harrelson’s character dies. Because that is most certainly going to happen. (Don’t you goofballs @ me in two years if it doesn’t.)