JCVD And Dolph Lundgren Are Getting Back Together For BLACK WATER

Except for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2, this could be the biggest movie on the horizon.

Jean-Claude Van Damme (who you last saw kicking ass on the amazing Jean-Claude Van Johnson) and Dolph Lundgren (who you last saw totally own a stunning lead role in Hail, Caesar!) have been in some pretty great movies together. Usually they're Universal Soldier movies and usually they're adversaries. Now they are teaming up for a movie where neither is the case.

That movie will be called Black Water, and though it does not currently have a director (who needs one?), it does have Jean Claude Van-Damme and Dolph Lundgren bro-ing down together on the same team. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film takes place on a CIA black site submarine, whatever that means, where JCVD wakes up imprisoned. That’s all we know! I’ve rented movies for less.

Given that this has no director, I wouldn’t look for it soon. But while you’re waiting, you can always catch up on the incredible Universal Soldier: Regeneration and even more incredible Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning to get an idea why I’m so excited. Or just to watch two seriously awesome movies that deserve more love.