Phil And Evan’s End Of The Year Spectacular Blowout!

We wrap up the entire year in like thirty-five minutes!

This episode really isn’t much of a spectacular blowout, but what are you going to do? Celebrate its cool, even keel? Who does that?

Phil and I decided to do a podcast even though we had no central movie to discuss. I guess we just missed each other. But it is very early into the new year, so we decided to have a casual conversation about the year that was 2016, RIP. Well, maybe not total peace.

This means mini discussions of all your favorites! Man, Chester by the Sea, Hell or High Water, La La Land, Jackie. I already forgot the rest. It’s great!

Until next time, make sure you share and care and bear and whatever else you do for podcasts. We do it for the love, but we don’t mind thumbs up every now and again, even if they’re charity.