Slender Man Film Gets A Director

Slender Man also has some great tips on shedding those holiday pounds!

It feels a little late in the game for Hollywood to finally make a horror film out of the Slender Man phenomenon. Not only is there an HBO documentary coming out about it (Beware the Slenderman), but even Supernatural covered that shit. Years ago.

But that’s how it goes, and Hollywood is going for it anyway. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project even just got a director, Stomp the Yard’s Sylvain White.

Along with the scary Stomp the Yard, White has directed episodes of super terrifying shows like Sleepy Hollow and Hawaii 5-0, so he’s probably very qualified for the job. As for whether the film will be about a for real Slender Man monster or just the crimes committed in his name, that remains to be seen. You’d think the monster route would be the way to go, but who knows with these things.