A Lot Of Familiar Faces Show Up In New STAR WARS REBELS Trailer

It’s almost like this show might be cool or something.

You’ll have to forgive me. I don’t really know from Star Wars Rebels. I hear it’s good. And it certainly looks cool. But I have to admit an almost total ignorance regarding the very active and full season three trailer below:

Here’s what I do know, though some of it is old news now. You got your Thrawn, you got your Saw Whatever from Rogue One, you got your old version of Obi Wan and you got your Darth Maul. That’s a lot of stuff you got, there. Be careful with it.

I really would like to someday watch this. While I’m kind of down the middle on the Star Wars movies Disney has given us thus far, it’s all way better than the prequels and I’m quite high on the franchise in general these days. I bet if I just found the time (and a way to watch it) I’d probably enjoy Rebels. Until then, I’ll just have to take your word for it.