The Fishman Cometh: Doug Jones Confirms Plot For Guillermo del Toro’s THE SHAPE OF WATER

That darn Beast is always falling for Beauty.

We’ve heard rumblings about what Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming The Shape of Water would be about, but now it appears to be confirmed via an interview skeleton actor Doug Jones did with Collider.

You guys are pretty sensitive, so if you don’t want to know this particular movie’s premise, be warned of spoilers. Also, I’d stay away from trailers and maybe even posters when they come out.

According to Jones, the film will involve a “fish man” who is the last of his kind. Americans are studying him, probably not in a nice way, in 1963 during the Cold War. The first one.

When all of a sudden, Sally Hawkins shows up: “ “There’s a love story that brews out of it, and that would be the cleaning lady played by Sally Hawkins. She comes and finds me, has sympathy on me, and then that’s the story that you’re really gonna follow with this whole backdrop.”

So that’s basically it. A love story between Sally Hawkins and Del Toro’s take on Gill-man. Jones stresses that this won’t be a sci-fi or genre film, but I don’t see how that’s possible when you have an unnatural creature at play.

The Shape of Water is expected to come out this fall.