DEATH RACE 2050’s Red Band Trailer Promises Home Video Bliss

This looks about right.

I love Death Race 2000. I even like the weird Jason Statham remake. And I am looking forward to liking the new sequel headed to home video on the 17th. Based on this somewhat NSFW trailer, there’s a lot of cheesy nonsense to look forward to:

I know, I know. It looks super cheap and dumb. But that kind of thing is far more appropriate for a Death Race 2000 sequel than a bunch of hot sweaty psychopaths with hearts of gold in a rigged prison race. In the spirit of the original, this should look like garbage. It should have questionable gore effects. It should have an actor like Malcolm McDowell front and center, hamming it up.

Maybe you disagree. It’s possible this movie is not for you. But I’m going to watch the heck out of it, just to be sure.