JK Simmons And Emile Hirsch Are Pulling An ALL NIGHTER

This looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Below we've got the first trailer for All Nighter, a brand-new comedy starring a number of BMD's favorite people, including JK Simmons, Emile Hirsch, Kristen Schaal and Taran Killam. It looks like it could be pretty good!

Check it out:

So Hirsch is the doofus boyfriend, Simmons is the tough-as-nails dad, and they're both on a night-long quest to track down Simmons' missing daughter? And getting into wacky misadventures along the way? And maybe even becoming friends in the process? Yeah, that's a movie I'd watch. 

If you're wondering if we've got a poster for All Nighter, guess what? We do.

Alright. Pretty standard as far as one-sheets go, but I'm into that trailer, and I'm certainly into seeing this cast bounce off one another. 

All Nighter opens March 17th in Los Angeles before expanding into additional markets and VOD on March 24. We think it looks pretty fun. How about you guys?