MONSTER TRUCKS, Yes That Movie, Gets What Must Be A Parody Poster

It has to be, right?

There are a lot of cool, sometimes beautiful movie posters out there. And against all odds, this is one of them:

Because I love you guys, I will be seeing Monster Trucks this weekend. I will let you know if it lives up to this painted poster, which was inspired by Stranger Things, which was inspired by the ‘80s in general. I bet it does! (That’s shade, by the way.)

In any case, I have to admire the effort. They could have gone a million bland ways with this, but they decided to copy from the best. That’s worth something in my book. Hopefully, my book ultimately also includes a chapter about how surprisingly good this movie is. It will be an ebook, most likely. Look for it soon.

Monster Trucks, the story of a wee 30-year-old boy whose dead truck becomes a shell for a lovable monster of some sort, comes out next Friday