THE BELKO EXPERIMENT Gets A Bloody Good Poster

You know there are days you feel like doing this.

Even though The Belko Experiment is directed by Wolf Creek’s Greg McLean, it’s hard for his ownership not to get overshadowed by the fact that it was written by James Gunn. It would be exciting anyway, but that Gunn script really makes it something we need to makes sure we see.

The film is about an office building that gets locked down. Everyone inside has to start killing their peers or everyone’s heads will explode. Why aren't all movies like this?

Honestly, this mashup of Battle Royale, Office Space and just a tiny bit of High-Rise would be cool looking even if these were names we didn’t know. I mean, did you see the trailer?

In any case, The Belko Experiment is getting closer, and today we get to enjoy this cool new poster for the film, courtesy of James Gunn himself:

What more do you want? You got your office environment, murder and a bunch of blood. Ticket sold!

The Belko Experiment comes out March 17.