THE PREDATOR Gets Some Of That MOONLIGHT Cred With Trevante Rhodes

As if this movie wasn’t hard enough to wait for.

Just to get you up to speed on how awesome this world can sometimes be, Shane Black is making a new Predator movie called, simply, The Predator. I could stop right there, but I don’t have to because the script was co-written by Fred Dekker.

Now casting is starting for the film, which just gives it more and more opportunities to sound exciting. Olivia Munn has already signed on, and now Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes has joined as well.

If you haven’t seen Moonlight yet, it’s one you should definitely put on your must-see list. I am far from the average mark for that movie and it ended up being the best thing I saw this year. Part of the credit for that goes to its three central performances, arguably the best of which belongs to Trevante.

The only potential downside here is how sad I’m going to be if the guy who played Chiron gets super killed as I assume most folks in this film will. That’s going to be kind of a bummer.

The Predator is expected to start shooting soon.