THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER Finally Gets A Release Date

You won't be waiting much longer (even less if you've got DirecTV).

All the way back in 2015, an intimate little horror-thriller by the name of The Blackcoat's Daughter screened at Fantastic Fest. Back then it was called February, and the response to the film (directed by Osgood Perkins) was decidedly mixed: some were onboard with the film's chilly performances and meticulous pacing, others not so much. 

We've been waiting a long time for this movie to finally arrive so the rest of the world can weigh in on it, and now - thanks to an exclusive report over at Entertainment Weekly - we finally know when that'll happen: February 16th for those of you with DirecTV, March 31st for everyone else (well, everyone who lives near a theater where The Blackcoat's Daughter will be screening; if you're reading this from the South Pole you're probably going to be waiting a bit longer).

Here's what it's about:

Joan makes a determined pilgrimage across a frozen landscape toward a prestigious all girls prep school where Rose and Kat find themselves stranded after their parents mysteriously fail to retrieve them for winter break. As Joan gets closer, terrifying visions begin plaguing Kat while Rose watches in horror.

On top of the release date reveal, EW's also got some new photos from the film. Like so:

You can head on over to EW to see another exclusive photo from Perkins' film, or - if you caught The Blackcoat's Daughter back when it screened at Fantastic Fest - you can retire to the comments section below, where you are free to debate whether or not this one's worth being hyped about (for the record: I remember not liking the film very much, but I'm having a hard time remembering why).