Denver! Join Our Boy Noah Segan For A BRICK And STARRY EYES Double Feature

There might also be whiskey involved.

If you're in or near Denver, I've got your tomorrow sorted. The Alamo Drafthouse is hosting screenings of two terrific movies with our own Noah Segan in attendance! 

First up, at 7:30: See Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson's brilliant, riveting feature debut, Brick. If you've missed out on Brick before now, it's a wire-tight high school noir with killer dialogue and great performances by Segan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And there can be no better way to see this film - again or for the first time - than at this screening, featuring a four-course noir menu paired with Stranahan's Whiskey! The menu looks divine: 

I. Grilled oyster, horseradish lemon ice, green onion, whisky jalapeno gastrique Paired with the Stranfather: Diamond Peak Single Malt Whiskey, sugar,  bitters, lemon rind

II. “NOTES”: Sweet potato goat cheese agnolotti, pork belly, brown sage butter, mushroom, spinach - Paired with a Raspberry Shrub: Raspberry shrub, Stranahan’s original, soda, black walnut bitters, garnished with raspberry

III. “BROWN BAG”: Croque Madame (brioche, gruyere, smoked ham, fried egg, béchamel, frites) - Paired with the Stranahan’s Brown Derby: Stranahan's original, honey, bitters, and fresh squeezed grapefruit

IV. “BRICK”: Chocolate flan, vanilla whipped cream, cherry - Paired with a Fig Take on Sazerac: Stranahan’s Original with fig and fennel-infused Stranahan’s, peychaud bitters, garnished with orange rind

AND attendees will also receive this cool-as-hell Brick mug as a souvenir:  

Get your tickets to Brick HERE.

And make it a double feature! Follow up your screening of Brick with one of the best indie horror films of the past several years: Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer's Starry Eyes! This particular film features one of my favorite Noah Segan performances, and he'll be there to answer all of your burning questions about Satan, denim jackets, punk music and the like. 

Get your tickets to Starry Eyes HERE.

Citizens of Denver! You're super lucky to have such cool programming available to you. Don't miss it.