It Looks Like Rinko Kikuchi Is Back For PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING

And… Karl Urban?

We already know some of Pacific Rim: Uprising’s cast. John Boyega will star in the film alongside Scott Eastwood and Cailee Spaeny. But now, if this Instagram photo from cinematographer Dan Mindel is to be believed, we can now add some new, and old, names to that list:

I admit, it’s kind of hard to see, but if you squint, there is a lot to suss out. Attached to that camera is a list of actors and the Pacific Rim characters they play. At the bottom, you can see Rinko Kikuchi’s name, which would seemingly confirm her return to the franchise. Around the middle, you see Charlie Day and Burn Gorman, the return of whom we all kind of assumed (I feel like last we heard, Day’s character is kind of responsible for this one’s plot).

Between those is something even more curious, a name that looks very much like it might be Karl Urban. It’s hard to see, so the name could be something different like Kad Ulbun. But I think it’s Karl Urban. This would be the first we’ve head of Urban being in the film. I doubt many would view this as unwelcome news. He’s certainly a guy who would feel at home in the Pacific Rim world. Kad Ulbun, on the other hand, can go fly a kite.

Hopefully this is all legit, and not some kind of mean prank on Dan Mindel’s part. I mean, it would be funny. But sort of a weird funny, you know? Like when you tell you’re kids they’re adopted just to see what their faces do.

(via /Film)