Prostrate Thyself Before The Trailer For Mexican Brainmelter WE ARE THE FLESH

This thing is gonna ruin some lives.

I'll admit: I'm a little bit bummed that my review headline "We Are The Flesh Will Give You The Weirdest Boner" wasn't used as a pullquote in the new trailer for Emiliano Rocha Minter's mind-expanding allegorical horror-fantasy. The film utterly captivated me at Fantasia earlier this year, and I know it had some effect on the BMD staff who saw it at Fantastic Fest, too.

If you're into the work of Gaspar Noe, Ken Russell, or Alejandro Jodorowsky (or hell, Pier Paolo Pasolini), you'll probably get something out of We Are The Flesh. It operates at the extreme edges of life, death, love, hate, sex, pain, morality, sanity, biology, philosophy, politics, and time, and I love it to pieces. There's more than a little pretension in its strange tale of a brother and sister happily losing their minds at the whim of some kind of post-apocalyptic druid, but it's a film that, if you allow it, will wrap you in its moist, transcendental embrace. Scott described it as an endurance movie, but I think it's more welcoming than that: We Are The Flesh wants you to be its friend, its lover, and its willing victim.

Behold, a trailer:

There's so much confrontational imagery in We Are The Flesh - unsimulated sex, extreme violence, necrophilia, incest, all manner of bodily fluids - that its marketing team was apparently unable to cut a trailer without blacking or cropping out the naughty bits. That said, the trailer does give a reasonable precis of the film's unsettling tone, beautiful cinematography, and intense performances - notably from its central troll figure Noe Hernandez.

We Are The Flesh releases to theatres this month, and to Blu-Ray on Valentine's Day. Watch it with your significant other: it might ruin your relationship, and maybe your life, but a life without We Are The Flesh isn't worth living anyway.