CARS 3 Finally Puts Out A Trailer That Isn’t Totally Weird

Wait, is this a ROCKY 3 remake?

Cars 3 teasers and trailers and whatnots are coming at us hard and fast now, which means we finally got one that isn’t bizarre:

So Owen Wilson car gets effed-up in a race against the new hotshot Armie Hammer car. He takes his broken ass back to basics and works himself up as a smarter racer. At one point he looks at a statue erected in his honor. Holy shit! It’s Rocky 3! And a little bit of Rocky 4! But mostly Rocky 3!

As weird as the Cars world is, maybe that will be something worth seeing. Years from now. If I happen to watch a friend’s toddler or something. Or get caught up in a Baby’s Day Out situation. I have big plans.

But that’s me. Cars is hugely popular and doesn’t need my help to succeed. People who got on the Cars train back when they were wee are now aged enough to need a change of tone, and it looks like that’s what Cars 3 aims to deliver. Hopefully it makes them all very happy. And if any of them find their newborns in a Baby’s Day Out situation, I will be there.