David Lynch Says FIRE WALK WITH ME Will Be Very Important To The New TWIN PEAKS

Sounds like you may want to revisit FIRE WALK WITH ME before TWIN PEAKS arrives.

In an effort to promote the return of Twin Peaks (which, as we learned yesterday, will hit Showtime on May 21st) director David Lynch made an appearance in front of the Television Critics Association to discuss the show's revival. Or not discuss it, if we're really being honest with ourselves.

Asked to comment on Showtime president David Nevins' recent statements about the revival being a "pure heroin" form of the show, Lynch says:

"I hear heroin is a very popular drug."

Asked why he cast Laura Dern in the series, Lynch says:

“I love Laura Dern.” 

Asked about the tumultuous relationship he found himself in with Showtime early in the show's production, Lynch says:

"I would rather not discuss that.”  

Come on, man! Can't you give us something to go on here? What do we need to know about these 18 new episodes?

“The story of Laura Palmer’s last seven days is very, very important for this.”

Well, that's very slight, but it's also kind of interesting: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me dealt very explicitly with Laura Palmer's final days on Earth. If we're interpreting the above correctly, Lynch seems to be saying that the events of that film will be "very, very important" in some way to the new batch of episodes.

What does that mean? No idea, but it sounds like a perfectly good excuse to revisit Fire Walk With Me, a tremendously underrated entry in Lynch's filmography. Personally, I'm wondering if this doesn't mean the Showtime Twin Peaks will feel more of a piece with FWWM than the ABC episodes.

What do you guys think?