PSA: The TRAINSPOTTING 2 Soundtrack’s Gonna Be Awesome

You bet your ass Iggy Pop and Underworld are back.

Fact: the soundtrack for the first Trainspotting is an all-timer. 

Fact #2: if you're going to make a Trainspotting sequel - which Danny Boyle has - you better make sure it's got an equally great soundtrack. For my money, this is arguably just as important as bringing back the original cast. 

Good news is, looks like they've done it again. Here's a look at the tracks on the T2 soundtrack, courtesy Empire's Nick de Semlyen:

Helluva lineup! You've got some returning acts from the first album (Iggy Pop, Underworld) along with a few newcomers who I suspect are gonna fit right in (Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Queen). As someone who wore out multiple copies of the original Trainspotting soundtrack, there's pretty much zero chance that I won't be picking this one up. 

How about you guys? And are you reading for Trainspotting 2? It arrives here in the States on March 10th.