Looks Like A24’s Getting Into The Mystery Box Game

We have no idea what this trailer's for.

The folks at A24 have a borderline-perfect track record (lest we forget: Tusk), so any time they announce a new project, we're inclined to pay attention. Today the company released a mysterious new trailer for ... something they've got in the works, and, well, consider us doubly intrigued.

Look, we have no idea what this is. Could be a movie. Could be a TV show. Could be an ad for a fancy new tablet, or a mood-altering medication, or a technologically-wondrous new attraction coming to Disney World's Epcot Center. I mean, probably not, because this is coming from A24, but ya never know.

What do you guys think we're seeing here? Any ideas? Got any insider info you'd like to share? Drop us a line if so, we're curious what's going on here and look forward to learning more.