That CHIPS Remake You All Asked For Has A Poster

With a trailer arriving tonight.

You may not know this, or you may have taught yourself to forget it, but Dax Shepard has directed an R-rated adaptation of the television show Chips. Don’t believe me? Look! Poster proof!

As you can see, they seem to be doing away with the original’s CHiPs titling convention, or they’re at least putting it away for the poster. You can also see that Dax Shepard and Michael Peña’s bike cops leave a lot of destruction in their wake. Those rascals! Hopefully they don’t break your computer too.

This whole thing could go either way, really, so I’m not sure how excited I’m supposed to be. I don’t have any devotion to the television show, and the R-rated angle is nice, but I’m also just not sold in general. It feels a bit like a DTV version of what they’re up to with Baywatch. On the other hand, it does have Vincent D’Onofrio in it. We’ll get a better idea when the first trailer drops later tonight.