Here Are Even More New Photos From THE DEFENDERS

Yep. That’s them. They look lost.

Wampler has his thing with Alien: Covenant stills. It would seem I’m starting to develop one with Defenders photos from Entertainment Weekly. I’ve already written about them twice, but I should have predicted three would be the magic number. After all, there are only three Defenders (I’m still counting shirtless tattoo guy as a bum who showed up to the shoot unannounced).

Here they are in all their glory. Witness each of the Defenders as they arrive at various places they did not expect and look concerned about it:

And then there are these:

I’m all out of words for this! Hopefully the show ends up being good, but these stills aren’t doing much for me, especially since they are all pictures of people we’ve seen before (and one bum). What do you guys think?