Here Is A Way Better Photo Of THE DEFENDERS

Hangin’ tough.

Just a tiny bit ago, we shared an image from Entertainment Weekly of The Defenders fucking with some poor cabbie’s livelihood. I made a joke about it being photoshopped, but apparently it wasn’t because here is an even better picture from the same shoot:

I say better, simply because it's more handsome and isn’t nearly as cheesy. I do, however, still have umbrage with a lot of it.

For instance, my man Daredevil is still screwing around with his tie. Someone help the poor guy. Iron Fist’s man-spread is not awesome. Jessica Jones is doing that comic book thing where she’s turned away from us so we see her butt. And Luke Cage… well Luke Cage actually looks super cool, trying to get in on that Captain America bicep porn action.

In addition to this, EW also has our first look at Sigourney Weaver’s villainous Alexandra:

Unfortunately, there’s not much to gather on this one. She looks like Sigourney Weaver and has a cool shirt.

Will there be more photos released today? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see! I can’t imagine the set being complete without a Foggy.