This Movie Is The Goods: See The Poster And Red-Band Trailer For Julia Ducournau’s RAW

You want it.

Raw destroyed at Fantastic Fest this year. Julia Ducournau's feature debut is breathless and horrifying, the kind of film that will disquiet you for 100 minutes and then leave you missing it as soon as the credits run, because you just haven't seen anything like it before, and you need more of it. It's clever and fearless and astonishingly gross, and this red-band trailer gives a very good indication of the kind of uneasiness you're in for:

Although there's been plenty of news about what Raw is, exactly, and the trailer's not terribly coy about it, we're not going to talk about the precise sort of horror Raw's offering. For those of you out there who don't already know, do your best to go in blind, because Raw's a gorgeous, gory surprise. It's thematically rich, narratively deft and visually daring. If Raw is the future of horror, we're all in for a very, very good time.

You can check out the green-band trailer here, and the new one-sheet below.