THE DEFENDERS Suffers First Awkward Group Photo

One day Daredevil will finally get his tie straightened.

Entertainment Weekly has a big thing on the Defenders filming their first big screen together, and along with it comes this crazy cover photo, which marks the first time they’ve ever all been photoshopped together for a major publication (I think):

I don’t have much to say on the photo front, except that I’m weary of seeing Matt Murdock straighten his tie, and I’m not sure why Iron Fist insists on wearing a shirt at all if he’s just going to unbutton it.

The article itself is somewhat interesting though, if only because it identifies their first big scene together as, you guessed it, a corridor fight. Apparently, all four knuckleheads find their way to the same hallway at the same time unexpectedly and have to suddenly join forces to kick ass. Please god, don’t tell me this happens in the penultimate episode.

I’m being a smart-ass because the last of these shows really let me down, and I’m not looking forward to Iron Fist. There’s always a chance that the shorter-run Defenders could be great, but for now I’m holding on to my reservations. Pictures like this help out with that.