First Look At Kurt Russell In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2

Heads up: It's just a toy.

The world of Kurt Russell action figures is by no means a wasteland. You’ve got a couple Snake Plissken options out there, and you’ve got a Jack Burton or two. There’s even a Stuntman Mike figure from about ten years ago, when people thought Grindhouse was money in the bank.

But there’s gaps, too! Where is the Hot Toys Wyatt Earp? Where is the cost-prohibitive RJ MacReady with flamethrower accessory? I would literally climb over your corpse for a Sheriff Hunt figure from Bone Tomahawk. Really, any corrective measures taken in the name of filling up one's Kurt Russell action figure shelf can only be seen as good news.

And so it is today, with James Gunn sharing the following on Instagram.

I suppose what's cool here for the normals is that it's a kind of first look at the human form of Ego, The Living Planet as he appears in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2. There he is. You into it? Cool. Me, I'm all about the Kurt angle here, and if you're into this sort of thing, rejoice that he's once again going bearded! Can you think of a role where Kurt went bearded that wasn't awesome? No you can't. He also has some dope-looking gauntlets and such, so that'll be fun. I'm fully expecting the goofball variety of Mr. Russell (used to iconic effect in Used Cars, Big Trouble In Little China and elsewhere) to mesh seamlessly with James Gunn's corner of the MCU.