Get Ready, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Starts Filming In About A Week


On one hand, it’s hard not to still be bummed out that Bryan Fuller is no longer going to be in charge of Star Trek: Discovery. On the other, he left it in the hands of folks he trusts. Plus that cast! Plus, I mean, it’s Star Trek. Get excited!

The show, which was bumped all the way to May, is about to take a major leap closer to us. According to a Toronto acting union, the show set to start production January 24. To be all secretive (but really not all that secretive), it’s listed as Green Harvest, which is the show’s fake production title (as opposed to Return of the Jedi’s fake production title, Blue Harvest).

Hopefully, this means it won’t be long before we get a little footage to look at, or at least some pictures. I can be patient, but it’s going to be hard when it comes to this show. I want to see ships, aliens, costumes, everything.

But even if we get nothing, we can at least take comfort in the fact that Star Trek: Discovery will be with us in just five short months (unless they bump it again). That’s like half a baby!