Lord & Miller’s SPIDER-MAN Movie Will Tell The Miles Morales Story

Time to get even more excited about Sony's animated SPIDER-MAN movie.

There's some type of Animation Day happening at Sony this afternoon, and - as expected - part of the studio's presentation included some new information about Phil Lord and Chris Miller's upcoming Spider-Man joint. 


So that's interesting! We've known since last year that Lord and Miller were working on an animated, standalone Spider-Man movie, but until right now we had no idea what it might be about. Now we do: the film will tell the story of Miles Morales, who was introduced all the way back in 2011, shortly after Peter Parker was killed off in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Morales is notable for being an African-American, and fans have long wondered if the character would ever be given his own Spider-Man film (you'll recall that, once upon a time, Donald Glover campaigned for this role). It looks like Lord and Miller - along with co-directors Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey - will be the ones to put him on the silver screen.

The film is headed for the silver screen, by the way: in another Tweet, Sony confirmed that the film (which remains untitled for the moment) will land in theaters on December 21st, 2018. 

Stay tuned for more on this one as it becomes available, folks.