Some Good News And Some Bad News About STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

Sorry. And yay!

Just yesterday, I ran a story about how Star Trek: Discovery would be starting production next week. That much is true! It’s a good thing! It’s very important you pay attention to good things.

Because I have some bad news. The show is getting delayed again. It will not premiere in May. In fact, we don’t know when it’ll premiere. According to the Hollywood Reporter article this is based on, they’re taking an it’ll get here when it gets here approach, claiming that it’s better the show be done well than done quickly.

I have to agree, but I do question the optimism of the show’s first two release dates and wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes here.

But there is also good news! The show has added another cast member with James Frain, who will play none other than Sarek, Spock’s dad, an addition that gives us a whole lot of exciting things to chew on while we wait however long we wait for the show to arrive. Does this mean we really will get classic TOS uniforms, for instance? Are we going to have to meet a baby Spock? You know, super important things like that.