Steve Carell To Star In BEAUTIFUL BOY, But Not As The Boy

He might be beautiful, though.

Tell me if this sounds like a movie you’d walk through fire to see. Steve Carell is the father of a meth head played by Will Poulter. The whole thing is directed by Felix van Groeningen, famous for The Broken Circle Breakdown and comes from the memoir called Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction.

If that all sounds slightly like a parody, I’m afraid it’s not. Everything I just wrote is apparently happening. Actually that’s not quite accurate. Carell and Poulter are still just in talks for these roles, but that usually means it’s about a done deal.

It’s possible I’m being premature. This movie could totally come out and be a sincere story of one family’s struggle. But for now, it sounds like the kind of movie I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot clown pole.

Speaking of clown poles, remember when Will Poulter was going to play Pennywise? Instead we got this guy:

Maybe meth isn't the worst thing in the world.