Dwayne Johnson Will Headline BLACK ADAM For DC

New Line splits SHAZAM into BLACK ADAM and… SHAZAM.

*UPDATE*: Per Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter, Black Adam will not appear as the villain in Shazam!, although he could appear in a potential sequel.

The DCEU, better known as the DC eXtreme!!!!! Universe, has a whole lineup of films beyond this year’s Wonder Woman and Justice League. One of those movies happens to be Shazam!, a movie starring Captain Marvel (can we still call him that?) and his nemesis Black Adam, played by everybody’s favourite franchise-saver. As expected, Dwayne Johnson, who once partook in something called “wrestling,” will now be headlining a Black Adam solo movie sometime in the future.

Shazam! is expected to arrive in April 2019, though we don’t know if he’ll stick to that date or be replaced by his anti-hero arch rival, Black Adam of Kahndaq. Between Moana, the Fast & Furious franchise and the upcoming Baywatch movie, Johnson is one of the most sought-after stars on the planet. He’s such a huge box office draw that I don’t even need to refer to him by his ring name anymore.

I mean, I don’t need to, but I will. The Rock will always be the People’s Champion, even if he goes off to make a superhero movie or three between Wrestlemanias, though one has to wonder what kind of Black Adam we’re going to get. On one hand, The Rock’s draw is his charm. On the other, he’s an action dude who could probably play an anti-hero pretty well, but back on that first hand, we have DC Films CEO Geoff Johns saying Shazam! will be optimistic and fun. Does that bleed into Black Adam? Will Adam even appear in Shazam!, or will The Rock now do the heavy lifting and introduce Shazam and his lore?

We’ll update you as we learn more. Now if only they can get Jacob Tremblay and John Cena to play Billy Batson and Shazam...