James Cameron Wants Tim Miller To Direct Another TERMINATOR Movie

Maybe the fourth time's the charm?

Because we haven't been through enough today, now this is happening:

"James Cameron, who regains certain rights to his prized creation The Terminator in 2019, is godfathering a new iteration of the film that might finally get it right in drawing a close in the battle between humans and Skynet. Sources said that Cameron...is in early talks with Deadpool director and VFX wiz Tim Miller to direct a reboot and conclusion of one of cinema’s great science fiction tales."

That's Deadline breaking the story that James Cameron wants to hire Tim Miller to direct "a reboot and conclusion" to the Terminator franchise, whatever that might entail. Deadline goes on to say that David Ellison's company, Skydance, has agreed to shell out the cash for an "exploratory effort" which will bring in a number of top-shelf science fiction writers to "find the movie creatively". 

In other words: James Cameron's getting the keys to the Terminator franchise back in 2019, and while neither he nor anyone else involved in this project have the first clue what they'd like to do with it, they're going to spend a bunch of money trying to find one.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, let me introduce into evidence Exhibit A:

I will now direct your attention to Exhibit B:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you've already seen too much - and I won't lie to you: this is only going to get worse - but I must insist that you now look upon our final piece of evidence, the dreaded Exhibit C:

In summation: the Terminator franchise has been a creatively-barren wasteland for going on 20 years, and there's probably a reason for that - the mythology as originally conceived was never intended to support a franchise spanning multiple sequels and two full decades (to say nothing of the toll time has taken on its chief draw, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger).

It is the opinion of the Court that - despite the best intentions of all involved and the undeniable technical prowess of both Mr. Cameron and Mr. Miller - that no good shall come of this, that the results stand every chance of being completely disastrous and, perhaps even more importantly, a waste of both time and money for all involved, all of which could be directed towards more potentially-fruitful endeavors.

Then again, maybe we're wrong, and what the Terminator franchise really needs is a fifth at-bat. Here's hoping - for the sake of all involved - that one of these science fiction writers can figure that out for them. 

The prosecution rests.