The Creators Of LIMBO And INSIDE Just Announced A New Game

Hey! Today's news ain't all bad!

According to a post via the company's official Twitter handle, Playdead - the game developer responsible for Limbo and Inside - are currently working on a brand-new title.

Here's everything we know:

In other words, we don't know much! But great googly-moogly, we're excited to hear that Playdead's working on anything at all.

You may have heard that the company had gone through something of a shake-up recently: recently-released court documents revealed that one of Playdead's co-founders, Dino Patti, had apparently been forced out of the company (following months of unworkable tension between Patti and Playdead's other co-founder, Arnt Jensen) with a $7.2M parachute. In the wake of that reveal, the future of Playdead was anything but certain, so today's announcement makes it official: the company will keep making games.

And what games they are. 2010's Limbo and last year's Inside are both all-timers, brilliantly-crafted games that are absolute must-plays for anyone with even the slightest interest in gaming. The wait between Playdead titles is absolutely brutal - we waited more than five years in between Limbo and Inside - but if the company's track record is anything to go on, their next title will be worth the wait.

Anyway, while this is certainly great news, we don't expect to hear anything further on Playdead's next title (including, y'know, an actual title) for some time. Rest assured, we'll keep our ears to the ground for you.