And Now Thomas Jane May Join Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR

Well, this is perfect.

The new Predator movie, simply titled The Predator is already something we all need to get excited for. Right off the top, it’s going to be a Shane Black film, co-written by Fred Dekker. That should be enough, but this one doesn’t stop there.

So far, it has a cast including Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, and Trevante Rhodes. Those are all really great actors! But none of them are bonafide, cheesy B-action stars.

Have no fear. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Predator may have one bonafide cheesy B-action star coming right up in the form of Thomas Jane. No, not Aaron Eckhart.

The actor is currently in final negotiations. (Sounds like the name of a great Thomas Jane movie!), which means it's pretty much a done deal. I sincerely hope this happens as Jane has been killing it on the B-movie scene, and I’d love to see him - with this cast and with this creative team - taking out Predators. Or a Predator. Maybe even THE Predator. Just imagine him with those Shane Black one-liners. It’s going to be great.